Who, Me? Shoot Video? But I’m A Photographer . . .

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This summer, we’re rolling out our brand new workshop: Introduction to DSLR Video. But before we dive in, let’s review. DSLR means digital single-lens reflex — another way to say that your DSLR camera is a powerful little machine that can do a lot.

In the past few years, you may have noticed that DSLR cameras have gotten better, cheaper, and are equipped with more capabilities than ever before — an all-around win for professional photographers and hobbyists. Before, for example, DSLR cameras could only capture still images, and photographers who wanted to shoot images and video were forced to lug two cameras into the field — a feat in itself. Now, DSLR cameras easily transition from still to moving images, allowing us to tell compelling, dynamic stories that extend beyond a single frame.

As a result, DSLR video is an emerging medium that bridges still photography and movie making, offering nearly endless options for multimedia and personal use. Think of the possibilities.

But the rapidly expanding functions offered by our DSLR cameras, such as capturing stills and video footage of the same subject, also require new skills that differ from the ones used for still image-making alone. And when it comes to shooting video, many of us are left wondering how exactly to make our cameras do all the cool things we know they can — a growing, jargon-laden list that includes live preview, timelaspe and HD footage.

If all that stands between you and a DSLR video-making exploration is a primer or two, then we’ve got you covered. Our workshop, instructed by veteran photographer and media artist M. Wesley Ham, is a hands-on way to cover the basics while learning how to optimize your camera for moving images.

Trust us, this is one video shooting extravaganza you surely don’t want to miss. Sign up now.

Who Should Enroll:
Our introductory workshop is ideal for all. Professional and amateur photographers welcome.

What You’ll Need:
Your DSLR camera and an open mind.

When It Meets:
One day only: Sun., July 15.

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