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Get hands-on experience lighting photo shoots with off-camera flashes.

If you're looking to get the maximum "look" from minimal lighting equipment, this weekend intensive is for you!

This hands-on workshop will provide a solid introduction to using off-camera flash to create unique lighting effects for editorial and commercial photo shoots. Through the experience of performing a professional photo shoot for a real client, you will learn the fundamentals of light positioning, mixing artificial and ambient light, overpowering the sun, and white balance manipulation.

Students will participate in the full cycle of the shoot; pre-production, the assignment, and post-production. In addition to technical concepts, emphasis will be placed on the creative process, including compositional concepts used for environmental portraiture.

  • Digital SLR and lens(es) of choice
  • External flash unit compatible with your camera
  • Wireless flash trigger set such as PocketWizard (optional)
  • Light stand(s) with cold shoe/umbrella bracket (optional)
  • Umbrella(s) and other light modifiers (optional)


  • Working with off-camera flash
  • Experimenting with flash modifiers
  • Lighting techniques for portraiture
  • Location scouting and pre-production
  • Running an editorial/commercial photo shoot
  • Computer Editing
  • Demonstrations
  • Lighting
  • Shooting
Who's it for?

Intermediate to advanced digital photographers who want to learn how to manipulate portable lighting equipment for professional jobs. Students must have a mastery of the manual settings on their DSLR. Prior experience with flash is recommended, but not required.

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  • Non-members: $475.00
  • Members: $427.50


2-session class, 7 hours/session