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Gain creative control over your imagery by mastering portable flash units.

Light is the language of photography. Understanding when - and how - to use light while working on location is essential to creating images with style and impact. Through the use of wireless compact flash units, intermediate and advanced photographers will learn to improve their lighting style and technique. Portable, wireless flashes are convenient and cost effective ways to use multiple flash units on location, simplifying candid and travel photography.

Through mini lectures and hands-on demonstrations, students will discuss flash modes; using light modifiers to shape, soften and control light; and applying colored gels for enhanced effect. Students will also learn to manipulate the strobe for high key light effect, or blending for natural looks.

In challenging lighting situations, students will learn to master the strobe and use on-camera flash and wireless, multi-strobe setups.

  • Camera
  • Flash unit(s)
  • Flash transmitter (optional)
  • Light modifiers
  • Fresh strobe batteries and camera/strobe manuals
  • Notebook and pen

Arlene Collins is a documentary photographer specializing in remote cultures and changing civilizations around the world, from Asia to Western Africa. Arlene also specializes in lighting on location, night and low light photography, and photographing in the most challenging situations. She has lectured internationally and is a faculty member at Parsons The New School for Design, the International Center of Photography, and Maine Media Workshops.

  • How to set up on-location lighting in a variety of situations, interiors and portraits
  • Hands-on demonstrations and lectures demonstrating working with compact flash units
  • Use of strobes for various lighting applications
  • Demystifying complex flash modes
  • Achieving a natural or high key light effect
  • Aesthetics
  • Assignments
  • Critique
  • Lecture
  • Lighting
  • Shooting
Who's it for?

Intermediate-level photographers who want to learn how to incorporate flash into their photography and improve their technique through the use of wireless compact flash units.

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  • Non-members: Non-members: $400 + $60 lab fee (Includes lunch!)
  • Members: $414


2-session class: 7 hours/session