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Explore the beauty and magic of these historic photographic processes

In a time when photography is being transformed by the digital medium, more and more photographers are looking to explore earlier photographic processes. These processes are just as magical and relevant today as they have always been, and can provide you with the satisfaction of creating a hand-crafted work of art.

This hands-on workshop is designed to leave you with a solid understanding of the wet plate process. Over the course of an intensive weekend, you will learn the process of making tintypes (tin plate direct positives) from start to finish. In addition to learning how to pour, expose and develop your plates, you will learn how to mix the necessary chemical formulas. We will also provide you with a handbook that lists all chemical formulas and step-by-step process instructions, enabling you to continue working with the process after the workshop ends.

All chemistry and cameras will be provided for the class.

  • Apron (optional)


  • Overview of the wet plate process
  • How to properly mix all chemistry
  • How to pour (coat) your plates
  • How to expose your plates
  • How to varnish and display the final image
  • Aesthetics
  • Demonstrations
  • Film Processing
  • Lecture
  • Shooting
Who's it for?

Any photographer who has a desire to explore an alternative and beautiful process. No previous experience is necessary.

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  • Non-members: $400 + lab fee of $75
  • Members: $427.50


2-session class
7 hours/session