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Refine your ability to create fine art prints with an inkjet printer.

Ever wonder why your prints don't look as good as the images on your computer screen?

In this hands-on workshop, you'll learn to master the craft of making a gallery-ready print with an inkjet printer. Topics covered will include manipulating Photoshop to make fine-tuned adjustments to your digital files, making use of profiles and other printer functions to get the most out of your equipment, and learning to evaluate your prints for contrast and density (and make adjustments accordingly).

Suitable for intermediate to advanced students, you will have ample opportunity to work on your own prints under the guidance of master printer Kylie Wright.

Don't settle for prints that fall flat... commit yourself to mastering the art of the fine print!

  • At least 10 images (digital files or scanned film)
  • Epson Ultra Premium Paper (luster, semi matte, semi gloss, glossy are recommended; higher quality brands are OK. Paper should not exceed 16"x20")

Kylie Wright has been teaching digital imaging and printing for over 5 years, both at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, and more recently at Drexel University. She received her BA in Studio Art from the University of Virginia in 1988, and has been actively working in the field of fine art photography for over 23 years. She is a master printer and retoucher, having worked with artists including Gregory Crewdson, Stephen Shore, Taryn Simon, and Robert Polidori. She has recently relocated to Philadelphia after living in NYC for the past 20 years.

  • Fine tuning image density, contrast, color, and saturation
  • Applying local corrections such as masking and selections
  • Color management principles
  • Optimizing prints' visual clarity
  • Understanding and developing digital printing aesthetics
  • Aesthetics
  • Demonstrations
  • Lecture
Who's it for?

Photographers with a basic understanding of Photoshop and inkjet printing who would like to refine their craft and improve their prints.

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One-session class
10am - 5pm