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Discover the art of digital photography in this class specifically for teenagers.

In this class we will focus on what goes into making a photograph distinct and compelling. Using whatever digital camera they have, students will create images while focusing on elements of exposure, principles of composition, lighting, and use of subject matter. Emphasis in this class is on the development of the student's self-expression and the creation of a digital portfolio.

The computer is used only to edit and minimally process images. Basic understanding of photography is not required. Basic understanding of MAC is helpful, but not required. Class time will be split between lectures, shooting, and digital lab time. Students are required to shoot assignments after class for later discussion.

  • Digital SLR camera
  • Memory card (at least 4GB)
  • 8.5 x 11" inkjet paper (Epson Premium Luster or Glossy)
  • Portable hard drive or high capacity flash drive (60GB or more of free space)

Michelle Cade graduated with a Masters of Fine Art in Studio Art with an emphasis in Photography from the University of the Arts in 2014 and a Bachelors of Art in Studio Art with an emphasis in Photography and a Minor in Art History in 2011 from California State University San Bernardino. She started working in a darkroom twelve years ago and since then has gone on to work as a photographer in California, Pennsylvania and Maine. Her work has been shown in California, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. Cade focuses on traditional photography and alternative processes, but also has a strong interest in integrating the technology of digital photography into these.

  • Technical basics of DSLR camera operation (aperture, shutter speed, ISO)
  • Image editing in Adobe Bridge and Camera RAW
  • A series of assignments to explore the aesthetics of photographic expression
  • How to incorporate visual language into your photographs
  • Lectures on historical and contemporary photographers
  • Aesthetics
  • Assignments
  • Computer Editing
  • Critique
  • Digital Printing
  • Lecture
  • Shooting
Who's it for?

Teenagers looking to gain an understanding of the technical and visual aspects of digital photography.

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5-session class