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Learn to create large negatives from digital files, and refine the negatives for a variety of analog and alternative processes.

Digital negatives are an essential component of a hybrid workflow that uses the best of old-style film technology combined with the latest digital methods. This comprehensive two-day workshop will cover various approaches to the creation of the digital negative, methods for fine tuning the negative for optimal printing, as well as many tips and tricks.

Instruction will use Mac computers and Epson 3800 printers. The first day will be spent creating custom QTR digital negatives and working with various adjustment methods for perfecting the negative. The second day will focus on editing, dodging and burning techniques, sharpening for effective results and printing from the negatives in palladium. A side benefit of this workshop will be an intensive primer in fine art palladium printing.

Students interested in learning these techniques should have experience and feel comfortable with using Photoshop to benefit from the workshop.

  • Six digital images

Clay Harmon is an avid photographer known for his embracement of alternative photographic printing methods, and exhibits work printed in platinum, gum-platinum, photogravure and silver. While he has never been known to pass up a pretty landscape or a particularly alluring tree or rock, his favorite subject matter is the urban landscape at night. Digital negatives have given him the freedom to use smaller cameras to record the interesting facets of the urban landscape after the sun goes down.

  • Intuitive and flexible of process of creating digital negatives
  • Overview of materials and inkjet printing
  • Fine-tuning negatives for specific darkroom processes
  • Being able to fine-tune your images
  • Can be applied to virtually any analogue photographic process
  • Computer Editing
  • Demonstrations
  • Digital Printing
  • Lecture
  • Darkroom Printing
Who's it for?

Students with a familiar understanding of Adobe Photoshop who wish to create custom digital negatives to enable wet-darkroom printing of digitally-captured images.

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Weekend Workshop
Saturday & Sunday
10am to 5pm