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Strengthen your technique and artistry while discovering the magic of night shooting.

"I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day." - Vincent van Gogh

Mysterious. Haunting. Ephemeral. Alluring. Glowing. All great words to describe the life, light, and power in nighttime photography.

When dusk descends and night begins, the world changes in front of your lens and grand, magical, potent worlds emerge. The difficulty is capturing the essence of these visions and getting them firmly fixed inside the camera. From our very first session together, we will dispel several of the technical myths surrounding nighttime photography and get you immediately armed with a strong foundation in how your camera can best capture low light images.

This is a course for action and immersion- we will be out in-the-field every week practicing the art of night photography! Each session will begin with both a technical and esthetic lecture (Todd Hido, Hiroshi Sugimoto, David Allee, Eugene Atget, et al.) as we unlock some of the secrets of beautiful night shots. Then, we go out into the night to photograph and practice the techniques. Within the 5-weeks, we will dive into long "bulb" exposures, high and low ISO shooting, Slow Synch Flash, off camera flash, light painting, white balance effects, intentional motion blur, and more.

  • Digital SLR camera
  • Flash (off-camera flash unit preferred)
  • Tripod
  • Cable release (recommended)
  • Portable hard drive or high capacity flash drive (60GB or more of free space)

transparent_orgera_headshot_125pxAlex Orgera received her B.A. in Science and Humanities from Carnegie Mellon University. She studied photography at Universit√§t der K√ľnste in Berlin. In addition to her freelance work, she teaches photography classes at Project Basho and other area institutions.

  • Calculating proper exposure in low-light situations
  • High vs. low ISO shooting
  • Using off-camera flash
  • Long exposures and "painting with light"
  • Lectures on the aesthetics of night photography
  • Aesthetics
  • Assignments
  • Computer Editing
  • Critique
  • Demonstrations
  • Lecture
  • Lighting
  • Shooting
Who's it for?

This class is intended for digital photographers who are interested in shooting in low-light situations. Students should be able to use their cameras in manual mode and have a working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom.

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5 session class
3 hours per session