A Perfect Documentary for the Snowy Day

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If you are snowed in like us and wondering how you are going to spend the day meaningfully, make yourself a cup of tea and watch this documentary that I show to my students in our Inspiration and Vision class.

Titled, PressPausePlay, it is a documentary which explores the intersection of artists, creativity and the digital revolution with a series of interviews with thought leaders of the digital age.

We all know that the digital revolution helped speed the democratization of creative tools, making them widely available. Now, with a little bit of money, we can get hold of hardware or software to take advantage of and start creating something. All you need is an idea, motivation, or a midlife crisis to be an “artist” nowadays.

But what is the effect of all this? Are we becoming more creative and better at consuming something worthwhile or our senses are getting numbed by the massive amount of mediocrity? This is a really good question that this documentary tries to address.

Let us know what you think!

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  1. William Kramer-Harrison
    January 22, 2014

    Digital photography is made with pre-packaged products and tools, it’s no more photography than a TV Dinner coming out of a microwave oven. It’s graphics, sometimes very good sometimes mediocre or less…. If you wish to be a graphic artist or a chef, that’s a more reasonable ambition. Perhaps a stepping stone to analogue photography? I build classical guitars, renaissance lutes and ‘ouds, with hand tools… electric guitar makers enjoy calling themselves “luthiers” ,they are not….


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