Volunteering at Basho

Volunteering at Project Basho is a rewarding and excellent opportunity to get involved in a photographic educational community. Volunteers are essential in keeping the organization running smoothly and are able to take full advantage of the facilities as well as the ability to take classes at a discounted rate.

Teaching at Basho

Project Basho instructors hold a strong passion for photography as well as teaching and sharing their extensive knowledge and dedication with students. Our teachers each specialize in different techniques and not only teach the technical side of photography but also inspire their students through their passion and commitment.

Volunteering at Basho

Studio Monitors

Project Basho is always seeking creative, enthusiastic, passionate and self-directed individuals with a unique frame of mind to work on a variety of aspects of our projects including studio and administrative activities. This position requires a regular commitment of 5 hours per week, and is not a paid position but volunteers have the benefit of having access to our facilities and to take our many classes and workshops at a discounted rate.

Volunteers contribute their efforts in a wide variety of ways including, but not limited to, maintenance of the darkroom and digital lab, research, marketing, exhibition installation, and other tasks as projects arise. We are looking for self-starters and volunteers devoted to the advancement and betterment of our organization.

Photography is our passion, and we are looking for volunteers who share that passion.

Main Responsibilities

  • Maintaining an organized and comfortable facility
  • Assisting staff with marketing & administrative tasks
  • Assisting lab users, students and instructors
  • Preparing darkroom chemistry
  • Answering basic questions about the organization


  • Strong ability to work independently, self-motivated and sense of ownership.
  • Strong understanding of B&W darkroom practices or willingness to learn
  • Some understanding of darkroom equipment and chemistry
  • Serious involvement in photography
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • An interest in learning more about photography and an art organization


  • Familiarity with Macs
  • Familiarity with HTML/CSS
  • Experience using Adobe Photoshop and/or Lightroom

Previous darkroom maintenance experience is preferred but not required. There will be several training sessions. If you are interested in the monitor position, please prepare a simple resume listing relevant experiences and include it in the application below.

Qualified candidates will be contacted for interviews.

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Teaching at Basho


Project Basho is actively seeking individuals who have a strong passion for teaching photography to lead classes, weekend workshops, and private lessons at our studio. From using D-SLR and photographic software, to specific types of printing, we are looking for instructors specializing in a variety of techniques. We are interested in working with creative and dedicated individuals who can not only teach technical matters in a concise way, but who can also share their passion and commitment to the medium with their students and inspire them to create their own work.


  • Strong understanding of technique in your particular area of expertise
  • Strong appreciation of formal issues of photography
  • Serious involvement in photography
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Degree (BA, BFA, MA, MFA) in Photography (preferred)
  • Previous teaching experience (Adult education experience preferred)

Application Materials

  • One page resume (Education, teaching experience, related experience, exhibitions and awards)
  • One page essay addressing your teaching philosophy and relationship to photography
  • 20 slides or digital images of your personal work
  • Completion of application below

Qualified applicants will be contacted for in interview. Thank you for your interest in Project Basho!

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