Mastering Flash Photography – This Isn’t Your Grandmother’s Flash

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Dramatic lighting with a combination of flash and natural light ©Arlene Collins

For many, flash photography is an unfamiliar frontier that looms largely in the distance, daring us to try it on for size. Some accept this challenge, learning to tame and use flash to their advantage. Others retreat.

While it’s true that flash is more complex to manipulate than ambient — or naturally available — light, it also raises the bar, literally exposing new and intricate worlds.

Portable, wireless flashes are cost effective and convenient ways to improve your lighting style and technique. They’ll happily tag along while you shoot candid images in the field and slip into your bag for a portraiture session.

Because light is the language of photography, understanding flash is akin to writing an elaborate scene that you also direct. Flashes are stylish, impactful tools that ultimately put the control in the hands of the camera operator.

So if you’re tired of shooting at the mercy of the sun, learn to be your own boss in our weekend workshop, Mastering Flash Photography

Instructed by world-traveling veteran photographer Arlene Collins, our nuts-and-bolts workshop covers everything from flash and strobe options to on-location lighting techniques and enhancement effects.

A thorough mastery of flash will put you squarely in the driver’s seat, and it’s also good fun.

Who Should Enroll:
Our workshop is ideal for anyone who wants to learn to incorporate flash in his or her technique.

What You’ll Need:
Your camera and flash unit; light modifiers; a manual or two (just in case) and some extra batteries; pen and notebook; and a handful of images — print or jpeg — that illustrate lighting problems or successes.

When It Meets:
Sat. & Sun., August 25 & August 26, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Same condition without flash ©Arlene Collins

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  1. Jeff
    August 30, 2012

    I HIGHLY recommend this weekend class. I took this class from Arlene almost 2 years and it was a great experience. I learned a lot and quickly overcame any fear of diving into on and camera flash, multiple speed light scenarios, etc. I am taking it again as both a refresher and to more thoroughly understand many of the dynamics that were brand new to me the first time around. Arlene is a very experienced pro with a laid back teaching style and the class is very hands on. You will get lots of practice over the course of these two days & it will be time well spent.


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