Finding Great Instructors for Photography Classes at Basho

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Perci and Kevin looking over the city of Cuzco, 2014

Perci and Kevin looking over the city of Cuzco, 2014

Here at Basho, we’re always trying to grapple with big questions.

One big question we preoccupy ourselves with is “how to teach photography effectively.” Since I started Project Basho, this question continues to challenge me, and the classes we offer are our attempts to answer it, even if the answers are still “working” ones.

An integral part of teaching photography is, of course, the instructor. That’s why we spend a lot of time and energy trying to find the right instructor for the job.

Personally, when I want to learn something, I know I want to learn it from someone who is at the forefront of the subject I am interested in, whenever possible. That’s why I traveled to New York to learn silver printing and platinum printing, Seattle for color carbon printing, Western Massachusetts for photogravure, and Rochester for wet plate collodion. I was willing to travel because I believed that I was learning from the best source of knowledge.

At Basho, we operate with the same goal: to help our students learn from the best source of knowledge. We search high and low for our talented instructors. Often times, we’ll find them right here in the Philadelphia area! But if they happen to be far away, we won’t settle for the next best thing. Instead, we’ll try to figure out a way to bring them here.

Don’t get us wrong—we certainly love to work with great instructors who live in Philadelphia, and we’re proud to increase local employment opportunities for those in the arts sector. However, our search for talented instructors simply does not stop here.

The bottom line is, in this day and age, there are lot of photographers and photography instructors out there. And yet, it’s safe to say that not all photographers are teachers to begin with, let alone good teachers. On top of that, not all good teachers are great ones (do you remember how many teachers in your life changed the way you think?).

We take these ideas seriously at Basho, and we work hard to find great teachers for our students, no matter where they live. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be introducing you (via blog post) to a few of our great instructors, particularly ones that will be making a special trip to the area to lead workshops for us. We hope you’ll enjoy reading about them, and that you’ll consider taking the opportunity to learn from them while they’re here!

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