Editing: Secret of the Stars

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Greg Miller

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Here’s an unspoken secret of successful photographers: editing is a serious business. While on par with shooting and post-production, it retains an understated profile.

And though it may not be sexy or romantic enough to merit a lot of attention, editing is unquestionably important.

For instance, the average photographer might not think twice about investing time and resources into developing their shooting technique. But editing is frequently the area in which experts go whole hog —  hiring someone to review their work and select images fit for a commercial portfolio or book publishing.

An objective eye can be a photographer’s best friend, after all.

Greg Miller, a veteran photographer and 2008 Guggenheim fellow, is a big fan of editing, and he wants you to share his enthusiasm.

This fall, we’re proud to announce that Miller will instruct a workshop at Project Basho — Photographic Storytelling. A season’s worth of editorial tips, tricks and individual critiques await you in our fundamental course.

Designed for intermediate to advanced photographers, Photographic Storytelling will help you deftly edit and cultivate story threads from your body of work, fine-tuning your images and artistic approach under Miller’s tutelage.

For aspiring or commercial photographers, Miller will also cover strategies for successful book and commercial portfolio editing.

If you’ve ever wondered what people “get” from your photographs, or if you want to learn editorial techniques from an industry leader, Photographic Storytelling is an intensive, hands-on course guaranteed to elevate your craft.

A deep understanding of shooting and editing is essential for any photographer, so tackle the latter in our gem of a workshop. Editing may be underrated, but it’s also fun. And a weekend with Miller is not to be missed!

Who Should Enroll:
Our workshop is ideal for mid-career or advanced photographers with an existing body of work.

What You’ll Need:
20-40 5×7 work prints

When It Meets:
Sat. and Sun., October 13 & 14, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Greg Miller Workshop at Project Basho from Project Basho on Vimeo.

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