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  • Sunday-Thursday: 12 โ€“ 8 pm (last reservation: 6 pm)
  • Friday: 12 โ€“ 5 pm (last reservation: 3 pm)
  • Saturday: Closed


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Call: (215) 238-0928

We Offer Workspace for Photographers

Our traditional wet darkroom and digital workstations were designed with photographers like you in mind, offering a comfortable place to do the work you love without having to worry about setup, maintenance or upkeep.

Suitable for occasional projects or consistent long-term use, our rental options offer easy, cost-effective solutions that give you access to the tools you need, when you need them.


Basic Charge

Minimum of 1 hour; Prorated for every 15 min for the rest

Option 1: Hourly Rate
Traditional B&W Darkroom: $12/hr
inlcudes basic chemistry and equipment for printing and processing films
Digital Workstations: $12/hr
inlcudes use of computer with software and Epson scanner
Option 2: Monthly Rate
1 month: $130/month
3 month: $95/month
6 month: $75/month

Other Charges

Extra charges for extra services – Please inquire

Traditional Darkroom
Alternative processes: $15/hr
Digital Workstations
Inkjet printing: $4/sq ft (144 sq in)

B&W Darkroom

  • 5 4×5 enlargers (5 condenser head)
  • 8 ft sink to accommodate 20×24 trays
  • 20×24 archival print washer
  • 11″ wide RC print dryer
  • 18″x22″ drymount press
  • Drying screens
  • Tanks/drums for processing roll & sheet films (up to 16″x20″)
  • 30″x48″ UV exposure unit (platinum/palladium & other historical processes)

Digital Workstations

  • 8 iMacs | 20″ color calibrated screen | 4GB Ram

Inkjet printers

  • 1 Epson 3800 & 1 3880 (17″ wide)
  • Epson 9880 (44″ wide) – custom profiles for both color printing via Epson driver and B&W printing via QuadTone Rip



  • Photoshop CC
  • Lightroom CC

Do I need to make a reservation? What about if I have a 1-month/3-month/6-month pass?

Yes, and yes! Reservations are required whenever you plan to come in and use the facilities. This is to ensure that there are no conflicts with your requested time due to classes or other users. Also, we like to know when you’re coming so we can have everything set up for you.

If you’re a last-minute decision maker, we’re okay with that. Just call give us a call at 215-238-0928 before you head over.

What do I need to bring?

We supply all chemistry, equipment, and accessories for the darkroom and digital lab. You just need to bring your own photo paper, and you may want to bring an apron if you are working in the darkroom.

Do you sell supplies?

Yes! We sell boxes of Ilford Multigrade RC 8″x10″ paper, as well as boxes of 8.5″ x 11″ Epson Premium Luster Photo Paper. We also sell 13″ x 19″ Epson Premium Luster Photo Paper by the sheet! These supplies are not always in stock, so let us know ahead of time if you would like to make purchase.

When is payment collected? What types of payment do you accept?

1-month, 3-month, or 6-month passes must be pre-purchased either online or in person. Hourly users are billed for their time at the end of each work session. Inkjet printing charges for all users are totaled up and billed at the end of each work session. We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards.

Can you accommodate alternative processes?

We can accommodate processes such as platinum/palladium printing and wet plate collodion for an additional fee. Contact us for details!

Do you have analog color processing/printing facilities, or just black and white?

We are currently only offering black and white darkroom facilities, although we are looking into the possibility of reviving our color darkroom. If you would be interested in using the color darkroom on a regular or semi-regular basis, please get in touch with us!

What profiles are your inkjet printers supplied with?

Our large-format 9880 is supplied with custom profiles for both color printing and black and white printing with Quadtone RIP. The 3880 and 3800 are supplied with profiles for common Epson papers. If you are using a different type of paper, you will need to supply the appropriate profile.

Will you teach me how to use the darkroom/scanner/editing software if I’ve never used one before?

Our workspaces are designed for photographers who have at least some experience. If it’s your first time here, we will certainly show you the facilities and let you know where you can find the tools you need to get your job done. If you are looking to learn a new skill, however, we recommend that you take a look at our list of classes and tutorials.

How can I become a member of Project Basho?

Membership is available in a variety of levels, offering discounts on our rental rates, classes, and lecture series. To learn more about membership, visit the Membership page on our website.

Do you offer custom printing/processing/framing services?

We do not typically offer these services, although we occasionally take on such jobs on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested in a custom job, please contact us with details about the job. If you are looking for an easy way to display your prints, consider purchasing one of our Simple Panel frames. Available on two sizes (both 2:3 ratio), they offer an easy and cost-effective way to hang your work.