Getting Started with Wet Plate Collodion: 2013 Edition

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When you start doing wet plate photography, whether you are creating tintypes (positives on metal) or ambrotypes (postives/negatives on glass), you might experience a new sense of freedom. The freedom comes from the fact that you no longer have to worry about supplies like film, memory cards, and batteries. You can make everything with a […]

7 Reasons Why You Should Learn Lightroom over Photoshop

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There are 45 million photos added to Instagram a day and the iPhone is the most popular camera on Flickr. Basically, our lives consist of capturing images. The act is ubiquitous from 3-year-olds to centenarians, everyone has the ability to do it and they do.  People amass impressive amounts of photographs. But what about photography […]

Style and Light: Arlene Collins Comes to Basho

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Without light, there would be no photography. What happens, though, when light does not cooperate? We’ve all been there: backlit subjects, high-contrast light, shadows, dusk fading rapidly into night. These situations are unavoidable, especially when you venture out of the studio and into the world to photograph. In tough lighting situations, knowing how to balance […]

In Depth Look at “Photography: Inspiration & Vision” with Tsuyoshi Ito

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— Who do you see as the ideal student for this class? Tsuyoshi: It has to be someone who wants to grow as a photographer in a fundamental way. This is the most critical. Also, students already have to have a good technical foundation, as this class will not cover that. They should be comfortable […]

Editing: Secret of the Stars

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Here’s an unspoken secret of successful photographers: editing is a serious business. While on par with shooting and post-production, it retains an understated profile. And though it may not be sexy or romantic enough to merit a lot of attention, editing is unquestionably important. For instance, the average photographer might not think twice about investing […]

Mastering Flash Photography – This Isn’t Your Grandmother’s Flash

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For many, flash photography is an unfamiliar frontier that looms largely in the distance, daring us to try it on for size. Some accept this challenge, learning to tame and use flash to their advantage. Others retreat. While it’s true that flash is more complex to manipulate than ambient — or naturally available — light, […]

Who, Me? Shoot Video? But I’m A Photographer . . .

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This summer, we’re rolling out our brand new workshop: Introduction to DSLR Video. But before we dive in, let’s review. DSLR means digital single-lens reflex — another way to say that your DSLR camera is a powerful little machine that can do a lot. In the past few years, you may have noticed that DSLR […]

A Winning Combination

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Imagine for a moment the luncheon equivalent of a fine photograph. Unquestionably, it would be the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. An indomitable favorite, the sandwich is equal parts peanut butter and jelly swept across a doughy canvas. While each ingredient is palatable and beloved, it is only together that they achieve their lofty status […]

Fit Matters: How to Find the Best Photography Class for You

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If you’re like most people, deciding to pursue your passion for photography is the first step. Easy enough. Then, you’ll likely need to decide where to enroll, maybe entertaining a course catalog or two . . . and that’s when things can get hairy. Choices – and more choices – abound. How to choose wisely? […]

Looks Good Enough to Eat . . .

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Photography enthusiasts and aspiring gastronomes take note: “Plate to Lens: Food Photography,” our three-week course on the artful marriage of photography and food, is now enrolling students. Philly is a serious food destination, whether your pick is fine dining, hometown classics, or farm-to-table bounty. If you spend your free time eating your way across Philly’s […]