A Conversation with Carol Panaro-Smith & James Hajicek

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A Conversation with Carol Panaro-Smith & James Hajicek

Our 2017 workshop in Italy is fast approaching, and we couldn’t be more excited for this year’s edition. Led by fine-art photographer and Guggenheim fellow Greg Miller, the workshop will give photographers a rare opportunity to focus on their work in the hilly countryside of Tuscany. We spoke with Greg last month about photographing in […]

A Conversation with Greg Miller

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A Conversation with Greg Miller

This summer, Project Basho is pleased to offer Faces & Places in Tuscany, led by fine art photographer and Guggenheim Fellow, Greg Miller. Photographers will visit the hilly countryside of Tuscany where they will stay in the tiny village of Benabbio, a town of about 300 people, and live, eat, and photograph together in the […]

Conversation with Instructor Chuck Kelton

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Chuck Kelton has been teaching workshops on Silver Gelatin Printing here at Project Basho for four years. We recently talked to Chuck about why he ended up becoming so fascinated by the silver gelatin process. Read on to find out what it is about the medium that motivates him to create these unique and complicated […]

Interview with Greg Miller

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Greg Miller’s celebrated portraits capture the beauty and pathos of human relationships and everyday life. He talked with us about his practice, which centers around photographing people (often strangers) with an 8×10 camera. Read on to get Greg’s insight about interacting with unfamiliar people, the mysterious synergy behind successful portraiture, the agony of editing, reconciling […]

An Interview with Instructor Niko J. Kallianiotis

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When we first saw the work of Niko Kallianiotis, we knew we had to bring him on to teach with us. A documentary photographer, his street work tells the story of community and integration, or, more often, the lack thereof. Curious about his approach to making work, we asked him a few questions about his […]

A Conversation with Noah Addis on Large Format Photography

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It’s not every day that you come across a documentary photographer who travels the world with a 4×5 camera. But for Noah Addis‘s large-scale images of urban squatter communities, it was the natural choice. Curious about how he came to that conclusion, we asked Noah to answer a few questions for us about why he […]

Style and Light: Arlene Collins Comes to Basho

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Without light, there would be no photography. What happens, though, when light does not cooperate? We’ve all been there: backlit subjects, high-contrast light, shadows, dusk fading rapidly into night. These situations are unavoidable, especially when you venture out of the studio and into the world to photograph. In tough lighting situations, knowing how to balance […]

A Conversation with Rick Wright

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Rick Wright has been instrumental in heightening the quality of instruction here at Project Basho. We recently had a conversation with him about his upcoming class titled “Photographic Method: Color and Shape” starting March 11th. – Why is it important for photographers to study composition and color? Henry Peach Robinson once said that the goal […]

In Conversation with Sarah Kaufman and Ales Hlousek

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(In)visible Spaces, a two-person exhibition featuring photographs by Ales Hlousek and Sarah Kaufman, winners of ONWARD ’09, opened at Project Basho last month. The exhibition is the first in a series of two-person shows awarded to the winners of ONWARD Compé. Hlousek and Kaufman were chosen by Peter Barberie, Curator of Photographs at the Philadelphia […]

Here’s Looking at Us: Ten Years and Counting

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Yes, Project Basho turns ten this July. In a retrospective of sorts, we look back at our roots with founder Tsuyoshi Ito, but we also look forward. On behalf of Project Basho, we extend a heartfelt arigato to everyone who has journeyed with us. What was the idea behind Project Basho? I was living in […]