11 Odd But Essential Wedding Photography Tips

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11 Odd But Essential Wedding Photography Tips

Wedding photography is about much more than knowing shutter speed from ISO—but some of the best wedding photography tips are the oddest ones that you don’t find in many places. Jonathan Elderfield took his photojournalism experience into the wedding industry, photographing around 100 weddings with his documentary style—and he’s sharing wedding photography tips that go […]

5 Photography Lighting Techniques To Master Before Going Pro

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5 Photography Lighting Techniques To Master Before Going Pro

If anyone can take a picture, what sets a photographer apart from a toddler toting a kids camera or a selfie-taking gorilla or a tourist-snapping octopus? A casual shooter knows how to use a camera, but a photographer knows how to use light. “If you don’t understand anything about lighting, you don’t understand photography,” says […]

The Ingredients of a Successful Photography Project

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The Ingredients of a Successful Photography Project

Taking a few great pictures here and there might get you started as a photographer, but is that really a sustainable way to keep making work? At a certain point, you’ll realize that to unlock your full potential both artistically and technically you’ll need to put together a cohesive long-term project. Easier said than done, […]

(Almost) Everything You Need to Know about Visiting Japan

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(Almost) Everything You Need to Know about Visiting Japan

“For me, photography is not a means by which to create beautiful art, but a unique way of encountering genuine reality.” -Daido Moriyama It’s often been said that Japan is a land of contrasts. And for good reasons too. If you walk around Shibuya, you will see a lot of glass and steel. Not a […]

Conversation with Instructor Chuck Kelton

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Chuck Kelton has been teaching workshops on Silver Gelatin Printing here at Project Basho for four years. We recently talked to Chuck about why he ended up becoming so fascinated by the silver gelatin process. Read on to find out what it is about the medium that motivates him to create these unique and complicated […]

Interview with Greg Miller

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Greg Miller’s celebrated portraits capture the beauty and pathos of human relationships and everyday life. He talked with us about his practice, which centers around photographing people (often strangers) with an 8×10 camera. Read on to get Greg’s insight about interacting with unfamiliar people, the mysterious synergy behind successful portraiture, the agony of editing, reconciling […]

An Interview with Instructor Niko J. Kallianiotis

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When we first saw the work of Niko Kallianiotis, we knew we had to bring him on to teach with us. A documentary photographer, his street work tells the story of community and integration, or, more often, the lack thereof. Curious about his approach to making work, we asked him a few questions about his […]

A Conversation with Noah Addis on Large Format Photography

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It’s not every day that you come across a documentary photographer who travels the world with a 4×5 camera. But for Noah Addis‘s large-scale images of urban squatter communities, it was the natural choice. Curious about how he came to that conclusion, we asked Noah to answer a few questions for us about why he […]

Help Keep Darkroom Arts Alive for the Next Generation

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If you came to the Summit Lecture Series on Saturday March 1st, you should recognize the name Rush Arts Darkroom. They gave a great presentation about their project and asked for your help. For those of you who don’t know what Rush Arts Darkroom is, let us give you a short introduction of who they […]

What You Don’t Know about the Rule of Thirds #3

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Go for economy of expression When I started studying photography in college, one of the photographers whose work really blew me away was Henri Cartier-Bresson. I was so astounded by his sense of composition: his images were succinct and concise, yet very expressive. The “leanness” of his images seemed to eliminate all waste, allowing the […]