What You Don’t Know about the Rule of Thirds #2

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In my last blog post on this topic, I wrote about how to deconstruct the common misconceptions about composition, suggesting three simple steps to help you take better pictures. In this post, I am going to delve deeper into what I mean by the first step, “be conscious of your painter’s canvas.” In reality, there […]

Getting Started with Wet Plate Collodion: 2013 Edition

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When you start doing wet plate photography, whether you are creating tintypes (positives on metal) or ambrotypes (postives/negatives on glass), you might experience a new sense of freedom. The freedom comes from the fact that you no longer have to worry about supplies like film, memory cards, and batteries. You can make everything with a […]

What You Don’t Know About the Rule of Thirds

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Ok, so, you’ve learned how the camera works, and you’re getting used to using your camera’s manual mode when making pictures. Maybe you’ve also gotten the hang of using software like Lightroom to organize and make adjustments to your images on the computer. You’ve definitely come a long way since the days of shooting your […]

Introducing Basho Blog!

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Ahhh, we are finally starting Basho blog. For some time, we’ve wanted to get this blog going to write about what we do and how we talk and think at Project Basho. Finally, the day is here. Even though we run a photography resource center day to day, meeting photography enthusiasts’ need to learn more […]