The Ingredients of a Successful Photography Project

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The Ingredients of a Successful Photography Project

Taking a few great pictures here and there might get you started as a photographer, but is that really a sustainable way to keep making work? At a certain point, you’ll realize that to unlock your full potential both artistically and technically you’ll need to put together a cohesive long-term project. Easier said than done, […]

What You Don’t Know about the Rule of Thirds #3

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Go for economy of expression When I started studying photography in college, one of the photographers whose work really blew me away was Henri Cartier-Bresson. I was so astounded by his sense of composition: his images were succinct and concise, yet very expressive. The “leanness” of his images seemed to eliminate all waste, allowing the […]

Finding Great Instructors for Photography Classes at Basho

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Here at Basho, we’re always trying to grapple with big questions. One big question we preoccupy ourselves with is “how to teach photography effectively.” Since I started Project Basho, this question continues to challenge me, and the classes we offer are our attempts to answer it, even if the answers are still “working” ones. An […]

A Perfect Documentary for the Snowy Day

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If you are snowed in like us and wondering how you are going to spend the day meaningfully, make yourself a cup of tea and watch this documentary that I show to my students in our Inspiration and Vision class. Titled, PressPausePlay, it is a documentary which explores the intersection of artists, creativity and the […]

Creating a website quickly, yet beautifully

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It’s not like we were completely bored at the studio or anything, but we recently decided to give ourselves a little challenge. We decided to create a new website for Project Basho. Well, okay, so, maybe we need to elaborate on that. We didn’t just decide to create a new site. We decided to create […]

Film Photography for Digital Shooters #2: Types of Film

In the first part of this series, we explored the one-of-a-kind world of film photography with hopes of igniting a spark of interest in all of you digital aficionados out there. Now, we’re ready to delve further into the world of film by exploring the different types of film made today. Although in the end, […]