A Winning Combination

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Imagine for a moment the luncheon equivalent of a fine photograph. Unquestionably, it would be the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. An indomitable favorite, the sandwich is equal parts peanut butter and jelly swept across a doughy canvas. While each ingredient is palatable and beloved, it is only together that they achieve their lofty status as lunchtime star.

We know a photograph is not as simplistic as a sandwich, but just as a great PB & J depends on the balance and interplay of its ingredients, so does a great photograph. And for the photograph, the ingredients are form and content.

Loosely defined, content is the person, place or thing captured in the image. Snapshots of giggling babies or family reunions are good examples of content-focused images. So is most photojournalism. Form is the way in which the image is achieved and often focuses on composition, light or lens usage. While many artistic photographs address form, it remains the more neglected of the pair, mainly because it requires skill and forethought.

Sometimes, beginners are more attuned to content, focusing their craft on the substance of the image. But recognizing the merits of both is a valuable asset for any photographer, especially those who want to take their work to the next level.

In our hands-on course Form & Content, students will explore and define these elements, acquiring the skills to objectively dissect and evaluate images, including their own. Field assignments and dedicated class time for critique will provide a solid foundation toward the mastery of form and content.

Ideal for photographers with a working portfolio and an open mind, we’re confident that you’ll walk away satisfied. While nearly anyone can slap together an edible PB & J, the makings of a good photograph require attention and finesse. But the reward is far superior, leaving you sated in a way that a salty-sweet sandwich never could.

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